Safeguarding Children

It may be helpful for parents/carers to know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from non-accidental injury, neglect, emotional or sexual abuse.

The staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer and, where possible, seek their consent to a referral to social services. This will only be done where such a discussion and agreement-seeking will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm.

Schools are encouraged to take the attitude that where there are grounds for concern they should be very cautious, and seek advice from Social Services, rather than to risk a child’s safety. Occasionally, this duty on headteachers means that a concern is passed on which is later shown to be unfounded. It is hoped that parents/carers will appreciate how difficult it is for schools to carry out this delicate responsibility, and accept that the headteacher was acting in good faith and in the best interests of all children.

Edward Ferguson, Headteacher, is the lead designated person for child protection within the school. 

Katrina Markham is the deputy designated safeguarding lead.

Simon Hill is the Safeguarding Governor.

Click below to see the current Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

In addition to this, from September 2015 all schools have a duty to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism, and to protect them from exposure to extremist views. Please ask at the school for more information on this.

Operation Encompass

At Newnham Croft Primary School, we will be participating in a jointly run operation between Cambridge County Council, Peterborough City Council, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and our school, which is called ‘Operation Encompass’. ‘Encompass’ has been set up to help schools and colleges provide support to children who have been present at incidents of domestic abuse and violence. We know that children can be significantly physically or emotionally harmed when they are involved in, present at or are a witness to domestic abuse.

The school will receive a confidential, secure email from Cambridgeshire’s Education Safeguarding Team, now working across both Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, before 9am or as soon as possible on the morning of any domestic incident which Cambridgeshire Police have attended where a child at their school has been involved in, present at or witness to domestic abuse.

Newnham Croft Primary School has Designated Safeguarding Leads who have received training from the Education Safeguarding Team to allow them to use the information that has been shared to ensure that the right support is available for children and their families who have been involved in or have witnessed such incidents.

We are keen to offer the best support possible to our pupils and we believe this is going to be extremely beneficial for all those involved.

If you have any concerns or questions, then please contact the school office to request a conversation with a Designated Safeguarding Lead and we will be happy to discuss this further. Further information can be found on our school website (Operation Encompass Protocol) and is available from the school office on request.

Online Safety

If you would like any support or information about keeping your children safe online, please visit: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/

There is also more information in the document below.