Dress code - active wear

Active wear clothing for school
At Newnham Croft there is no formal uniform, but we do have a dress code which all children are expected to follow. It is school policy that all children wear appropriate clothing to enable them to participate fully in all school activities, including learning outside. We promote the wearing of ‘active wear’ that the children can keep on all day and keep on for PE sessions too. The benefit of this clothing is that the children will not waste time getting changed for PE and thus benefit from increased time being active during the day. It also limits the chances of clothing being lost during the school day.

Our school dress code is based on:
  • good health and safety practice;
  • being practical;
  • being smart and promoting a positive image of the school;
  • being suitable for a school environment, including being suitably modest.

Here are some key clothing guidelines:
  • As good health and safety practice, no jewellery (including earrings) should be worn; only watches are permitted. Long hair should be tied back whenever possible. Trainers or soft flexible shoes suitable for physical activity should be worn; not flip flops, crocks or sandals.
  • In summer, tops with short or long sleeves (not straps) should be worn to protect shoulders from the sun. We recommend children bring sun hats with neck protection during the summer months. Sun Cream should be applied at home and if needed during the day then parents are requested to provide cream which children can apply themselves. It must not be shared with others, in case of allergies.
  • In winter, as soon as cooler weather sets in all children should come to school in warm, waterproof outside coat which is removed whilst in school and worn during playtimes. Children are expected to go outside in all weathers, so this clothing is important.
Please see our full Dress Code below for more details.
PE kit
As previously stated, we encourage the wearing of ‘active wear’ throughout the day. If your child does wish to change into PE kit then children should wear shorts, a plain T-shirt, and plimsols or trainers for outside. In colder weather children may wear tracksuits. All kit should be kept in a named slim-line PE bag on cloakroom pegs. Long hair must be tied back with soft bands, not bobbles or large clips. Fastenings and clothes that are difficult for young children to manage and remove independently should be avoided.

We utilise our links with The Leys school for our provision of swimming, and each KS2 class swims every year. Year 2 pupils attend the pool at Parkside for sessions too. Girls should wear one-piece swimming costumes and boys should wear swimming trunks or shorts. Long hair must be tied back.