Early Help

Sometimes families need a bit of extra support. You might be worried about your child’s behaviour or development. Or you and your family might experience some changes or difficulties that you can’t manage by yourself. Whatever you are worried about, Early Help can support you and your family so that small problems do not become big problems.

  • Early Help gives children and families the support they need, at the right time. We listen to your needs and bring together professionals who work with your whole family. This helps make things better for everyone.
  • The professionals who know you will assess the needs of your family using an Early Help Assessment. This will help you to get you support as quickly as possible.
  • It is a voluntary process. You choose whether to be involved and can withdraw from the process at any time. Sometimes, children and young people can make their own decisions about whether they need an Early Help Assessment, and who they want to support them.

Getting help

If you think you and your family might benefit from some support, you can contact the Early Help hub using the details below or come and speak to us in school. 

early.helphub@cambridgeshire.gov.uk or call: 01480 376 666 (office hours).

Alternatively, click on this link for more information: Early Help Information.